In a very critical and controversial period of Egypt’s modern history, Henrik Ibsen, again, helps us explore the yet unknown human soul and how it reacts in a complex and restrictive society. Nora Amin and La Musica chose to celebrate their 15th anniversary with an Ibsen play. “House of Light”, of Ibsen’s “Rosmerholm” will be staged at 8.00 p.m. for 5 nights, starting February 4th at Studio... Read more

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Globalskolen recalls that the deadline for the next semester is 30 January. We have the capacity to accommodate more students. Early registration simplifies the planning of a new semester Read more

The play will be performed at the Hosabir theatre in Cairo on Decemeber 27, 28 and 29, all at 8:00 PM. Read more

Photo: Medieoperatørene & Hanway Films/Nordisk Film Distribusjon .

This year's Panorama of European Film festival will feature three award winning Norwegian films. The historical drama Kon-Tiki will be the opening movie of the festival. Also, two Norwegian directors - Nisamar Najjar and Jon Haukeland - will be present to discuss their recent documentaries: Diary From The Revolution and Reunion - Ten Years After the War. Read more

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Registration for Norway Cup 2014 is now open! Next year’s Norway Cup – the largest football tournament in the world – is scheduled for 27 July to 2 August in Oslo. Read more

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Ibsen’s renowned play “An Enemy of the People” returns to Cairo this week, after a tour first to Libya, and then to Norway and Denmark. It will be performed in the Oriental Hall of the AUC Tahrir Campus on October 11 and 12. Read more

The Embassy in Cairo has kicked off the New Year with a great success of the Arabic presentation of Henrik Ibsen’s Enemy of the People on stage in Colloquial Arabic.  The play ran for five Consecutive nights and an extra performance was added on the last night (back to back) in order to accommodate the eager audience!  The play was originally planned to be staged last year in November, h Read more

The Egyptian documentary filmmaker Amal Ramsis has been awarded the Ragnar Sohlman’s scholarship for this year. Read more

ISFiT is short for the “International Student Festival in Trondheim”, and is the largest international student festival in the world. ISFiT is a biennial festival and is arranged in the city of Trondheim, Norway. During the festival, 450 students from all over the world gather in Trondheim together with more than 400 student volunteers. ISFiT is a non-profit festival. Read more

Sustainable development, democracy and peace: The key role of women Read more